Miss F-Elizabeth Evans

Yorkshire, United Kingdom


This poem perhaps embraces my inner thoughts about those distant Indo-Ceylonese family and friends I have long hoped to meet,

but am now not likely to see on this earth.



Ceylon (Sri Lankan) disaster and beyond


The massive rolling wave pushed over and on

Was this the new flood --- the end of being?

Men women children swept away, many gone

Others clinging to tree, root, crumbling stone

Home and building crushed by the rolling sea

They prayed some life might continue

Occasional voices cried out to be free

Or for another person just needing to see

To see a fellow being in the crush of the sea

The wave rolled ever on and onward

Destroying everything in its wake

No regard for person or creature

Ten thousand it did take

But still they called for another person

Needing just to see one other in the crush of the sea


Quick picture painted by FEE in Roy's garden ---

Red the King Charles Spaniel

and Gabby the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dog Rose by FEE

Year 2000 water colour by F E E

of St Mary Magdalene's Church, Manningham

Painting of RAFFY

by FEE when I was aged approx 12 -13 years --- signature added later

Embroidery by F E Evans --- placed 3rd in competition 2003

Water colour of Trudy & Jason

1980s by FEE before hands affected so much

CScraper foil picture 1999 --- prize winner at Bingley show

Tabitha in silk tapestry

worked in 2001 and gained a 3rd!

2 pups snatch Pet Plan photo merit awards in consecutive months

The B/T is Trufee Media (MADDY)

Trufee Jason X Alemap Zhanna at Trufee


also had a monthly cat winner in Kiselle


The last rose from the Copford garden before sale in 2002


Prize winning photo by Elizabeth,

which was featured in Cat World 1983

One of the crochet certificates -

this one was for an altar cloth lace

And I sang in the orginal German!

RCN Certificate of Recognition




Silver as silver

black as coal

pattern so bold

green eyes of mischief

butterflies so full

shoulders just equal

as oyster to oyster

all in near symmetry


White shining whiskers

equal and exact

Dainty rounded paws

as standard intact

they move so precisely

as if on trampolines

that complete your spine line

and on forehead purrfect M


You sit and stare as all go by

you watch for certificate

rosette and acclaim

you expect a tidy seat

all in order in that pen

you lap up the praise

you come forward to talk

to judge or exhibitor

All know your thoughts


Even your surgery is symmetric

if known only now to me

you move silently smoothly safely

no sounds and no falls

Nothing is knocked over

four legs move equally

you could balance on a cloud

for you are my silver lining


Frances Elizabeth Evans


Water is a shimmering diamond

It flows over rock a running deer

It shines in the night a beacon of light

It drops from the sky angels' tears


Water is the fear of lowlanders

It floods land a relentless warrior and yet is the playground of swimmers

It soothes pain It is a healing balm


Water is a pool of wonder

a mirror or ourselves

It lies a trap for falling people

and yet the hope of all each day


F.Elizabeth Evans


I am very proud to be a governor for 2 schools --- here year 5/6

children from Lilycroft act the story of Nicholas Nickleby --- 77

children took part in this excellent production which was staged twice.

These are the winners at Lilycroft School where one

is a Governor

Hetty the assistant stall holder

My stall --- ‘Kandles & Klobber’ at St Chad’s on Nov 27th 2004